Small Boring Unit (SBU)

Typical Small Boring Applications: Small Boring Unit (SBU) extends the capabilities of the standard Auger Boring Machine and is typically used on underground utility installations, such as gravity sewers, that are between 100 and 300 ft in length. However, the machine has been used successfully on drives over 500 feet. Description: Small Boring Unit (SBU)…

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Horizontal Auger Boring

Horizontal auger boring or jack and bore, is an established method used when installing steel pipes or casing under freeways, canals or railroad tracks that require a underground-boring machine.  Conducting a successful horizontal auger boring project is not an easy task and requires not only expert knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence but the proper horizontal…

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Large Diameter Tunneling

Tunnel boring machine projects that require large diameter tunneling services are provided by SSC Boring. As industry experts in large diameter tunneling, we use the most cost effective tunnel boring machine techniques for all tunneling jobs that require underground construction. Our tunnel boring machines provide an effective solution to large diameter tunneling projects. Typical Applications:…

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Pipe Bursting

Using trenchless pipe replacement technology, SSC Boring are experts in trenchless sewer line repair and pipe bursting.  This service is the ideal technique to use for the replacement of utility lines such as gas, water, sewer, telephone, and power.  Our Pipe Bursting efficiently bursts clay, concrete, cast iron, and PVC pipe. Pipe bursting is a…

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Other Services

Hand Tunneling Typical Applications for Hand Tunneling: Dry Clay, Wet Clay, Dry Sand, Dry Silt Description: The term hand tunneling is used to describe the type of man-entry tunneling in which a person excavates from the face of the tunnel with a hand tool. This is ideal when underground heavy equipment excavating is not an…

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Typical Applications for Skidding: Utility carrier installation is a common job that requires skidding and the use of jack and bore to lay the utility lines. Description: In projects that have used open excavation or trenching to place casing, skidding is used to pull or push the utility carrier lines into place using a jack…

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Vacuum Excavating and Utility Potholing

The SSC Boring vacuum excavation service provides a non-destructive method for safely and efficiently locating and exposing existing underground utilities or preparing to install new ones. Once a hole is cut in the surface, pressurized air is used to break up the soil while a high pressure vacuum unit is then used to remove any…

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SSC Now Provides Coring Services To further expand SSC’s commitment to meeting their client’s project needs, Coring has been added to the services provided! Used in conjunction with its Vacuum Potholing/Utility Locating service, SSC is now a turnkey service provider for asphalt and concrete restoration. 12” diameter coring ability, the perfect size for vacuum utility…

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Subsurface Utility Engineering

Subsurface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.) is a combination of technology needed to increase the reliability of utility detection in terms of the size, depth, and pipeline materials that can be detected and exposed without incidence. S.U.E. is a viable solution to the far too common "hits" to underground utility lines. Subsurface Utility Engineering is an all-around…

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What Our Clients Say:

  • “Just wanted to say thank you for the safety culture your company has. It’s a breath of fresh air to see other companies embracing being safe. I sat in on your crews’ safety meeting this morning prior to the start of their work on Ray Rd. “

    Scott Nunemaker – Vice President, RCCM

  • “Kuddos to your guys. Not once has any of your foreman’s EVER put up a fuss when I’ve asked them to work a little late. Response is always “whatever you want and we’ll stay as long as you need us to.” I really appreciate all the hard work they do for me. Thank you sir.”

    Travis Barrick – Field Supervisor, Felix Construction

  • “A big thank you to SSC for jumping on this quickly as they did to help the team get this information so quickly. It’s much appreciated and was pretty impressive to see 5 separate potholing crews descend upon Rio Salado the way they did today!”

    Christopher Laute, Resident Engineer, Valley Metro

  • We’ve used SSC for a number of years and I’ve been very pleased. Thanks and keep up the great work.

    Dave Klann, Staff Engineer, Mactec

  • SSC did a great job. Their assistance during pre-construction was greatly appreciated and differentiated them from the competition. Keep doing what you do best!

    Jim Drago, Sundt Construction

  • I called with short notice to some work and SSC responded immediately. In this market, dollars seem to control everything and quality of people and work seem to have diminished. The professionalism and hard work of your crew takes me back to when people knew what they were doing and cared. Intelligent guys that work […]

    Lonnie Ferguson, Project Manager, Construction 70

  • As a civil engineering consultant, I usually recommend your services but rarely use them with the exception being vacuum excavating. I have attended your seminars in the past and find them very helpful. I recommend continuing the education to make designers better. If we understand and know how to specify your service, we are more […]

    Bill Gasque, Sr. Civil Engineer, Dowl HKM

  • SSC handled the project perfectly even went above to schedule directly with the gas company, made my job easier.

    Tony Smith, Owner, Western Underground

  • You and your staff are always responsive to our needs and make sure you clearly understand the scope of the work in advance, so there are no surprises. I really appreciate that attitude.

    Michael Rhodes, Civil Engineer, Gila River Indian Community

  • Overall a good company. Very professional in approach and execution of work. Courtesy and respect shown by all personnel, a welcome rarity in the business. Keep doing what you’re doing, and thank you.

    M. Gartner, Project Manager, Sybrant Construction

  • We have been using your company’s services for about 3 years now. I have never heard a negative comment. Bringing Curtis on board is a definite plus as far as I am concerned. He keeps me informed about the work that I have done and he is very through and dependable.

    David Cross, Utility Coordinator, MCDOT

  • Your field crew did a great job!

    Nick Nikrant, Project Manager, Builders Guild

  • Crew was courteous & helpful.

    Jayde Bullard, Project Manager, Caljet of America, LLC.

  • This is the second time working with this foreman. Will request him again. Easy to work with.

    David Willett, Aero Automatic Sprinkler Co.

  • Superb foreman…Exceptional!

    Curtis Briggs, Shea Homes

  • Great work! SSC was timely, responsive and professional. I would use them again.

    Stewart Vaghti, Project Engineer, Gannett Fleming, Inc.

  • I have always had good and quick service from SSC.

    Sally Raymer, Sundt Construction

  • Arvid was very accommodating in getting crew onsite within 2 hours of my call.

    Dennis Sime, Project Superintendent, Hunter Contracting

  • First I want to express once again how impressed I am with you and your support group. You are all “top notch.” Yes the job went well and I appreciate your help. It really made a huge difference on such a critical facility. I still can’t believe (even though I saw it with my own […]

    David McKinley, VFC-Arizona

  • Great service on short notice. Thanks!

    Richard Komzelman, Carson Construction

  • The entire SSC crew was extremely professional and flexible. All of your company’s efforts are greatly appreciated and you will be our boring subcontractor on any future projects.

    Ben Myers, Project Manager, GRG Construction

  • Your team made this challenging casing push a success.

    Michael Fossett, Project Manager, SDB Inc.

  • Extensive knowledge of the local soil conditions coupled with their proven skills has insured that every job is completed within our schedule and budget. We’ve worked with SSC for many years and always found them to more than equal our high required standards and able to complete any task.

    Brian Chavez, Chief Estimator/Project Manager, Tyers Contracting

  • I would like to thank you for your prompt response to our urgent need for your services. The men you sent did a fantastic and quick bore. We do so appreciate your company for that. Thanks!

    Patricia Riggs, Town of Gila Bend

  • Our job was especially challenging. The SSC team worked six days, around the clock and the testimony to the success of their efforts is that the general public never knew they were here. An additional thanks to SSC for their professional courtesy. In our industry, it is something I do not encounter often enough.

    Chris McCoy, Superintendent, Gilbane Building Company

  • Your project manpower’s knowledge, attitude, safety and work ethic are outstanding!

    Mike Levi, Estimator/Project Manager, Holloman Corporation